What is the agile methodology

what is the agile methodology

We can build you a Web Site from 1 page to 100+ Our prices depend upon the amount of pages you require. Contact us for a Quote. Have a look at a small selection of sample Web Site Styles We Design Professional Databases for small to large Businesses. All our Databases come with a 3 User Network License as Standard, which can be upgraded to 5/10/20 or Unlimited User Licenses. These Databases are "off the shelf" pre-written for a particular type of use.

We can alter one of these Databases to suit your own needs if required.

All our Pre-written Applications have a (3) User Network License as Standard. We are currently working on this type of Service, which will be available soon. Can you answer YES to any of the following questions ? Managing tasks at work, does the probable Cost of having a Database or Web Site built to your Own Specifications put you off ?

Work task management, is your Existing Database or Web Site "out of date" ? Do you need a Database with lots of Functions, but think it will it cost a small fortune to have them included ?

Is your Business constantly changing, and you need a Database or Web Site that will continue to meet your specific Business needs ? Do you need a User Friendly Database System ? Do you need to roll out a Database throughout your whole Company, but don't want to pay "an arm and a leg" for an Unlimited User License ?

, tools for project management Do you need an Electronic "Point of Sale" System, but don't want to use expensive Tills or Keypads, and or be tied to a Costly Maintenance Contract ? , software for collaboration Do you need to speed up the input of large amounts of Data using an inexpensive Professional Input Device with 114 input keys ? Do you need to have Database Technical Support available for All your Staff, who can raise Problems or request assistance from the Database Developer "DIRECT" without the need to have your Staff contact your Company's own IT Support, who in turn, would have to contact the Database Developers ?

Is SPEED of Data Input, a MAIN Priority in your Company ? Is your Existing Database a DOS version, and you would like to change to a Windows® version, but the Existing Database "cannot" be changed, and or the original developers have gone out of business ?

Is your Existing Web Site"out of date", and you would like to update it, or make some changes, but it "cannot" be changed because the original developers have gone out of business ? Does your existing Database have a yearly License Fee and Contract, and unless you pay this fee you cannot continue to use the Database ? Would you like "Free Advice", on how a Professionally Designed Database could help your Business If your answer is " " to Any of the above questions, then contact CFA-Software for a Quote:   Our Customers can Login to our Technical Support Database: If our Customers find a Fault with any of our Databases or Web Sites, they can Login to our Technical Support Database from anywhere in the World, and Report a Problem or Fault "On-line". They can then track it's progress at various stages throughout the process of the Fault being Fixed.

If any of our Customers would like a new feature or function added to their Database or Web Site, they can request them via our Technical Support Database "On-line".

Again, they can follow it's progress throughout our system.

what is an agile approach what is the agile process