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"Know YOUR Profits On Any Real Estate Investment Than Ever Before"! And Why This May Be The Best  Real Estate Real Estate has consistently created more millionaires and multi-millionaires than any other investment. Investing in real estate is proven and anyone can learn how to do it. You can determine how much money you are going to make before you buy. Every real estate investor decides exactly what price they should pay.

, what is enterprise collaboration You'll know INSTANTLY if your going to make a profit. You can use Real Estate to reduce your income taxes. When you invest in real estate it's possible to make REAL MONEY, yet on your tax return, you'll show a taxable loss.

Sounds weird or illegal, but its not. It's because the government wants you to invest in real estate and the tax laws are written to give any real estate investor this benefit.

From the desk of Dave Schneider Today is Thursday, October 19, 2006 For the last 24 years I have been investing in rental real estate. I have bought countless books, tapes and attended many expensive seminars to learn everything I could about investing in real estate. After all that massive amount of information, I've found that real estate investing comes down to knowing and doing only few things and the important thing is. . .


You Must Know How To Run The Numbers and What The Numbers Mean. You can learn how to run the numbers and how I have made MILLIONS investing in  real  estate in my FREE. . .

. , project tracking tools "How to Run the Numbers on Any Real Estate  Investment and Never Lose Money" Get Your FREE Email Mini-Course by submitting your information below. . .

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I hate spam and promise that your name and email address will not be given to anyone. You may unsubscribe at any time. I promise that the information that you receive will be high quality educational information to make you a better investor and make you more money. You May Be Thinking. .

. I Hate Math!

If you're anything like me, You don't want to spend a lot time adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. All you want is to know the end result. .

. . Does it make money or doesn't it. And if it doesn't is there an easy way that I could turn it around to start making money. With the Excel Real Estate Analyzer all the formulas and math are done for you.

Here's just some of the things your will be able to know instantly: When you have positive cash flow. When the price is to high. When the price is a great deal. What type of financing the property can afford. The amount of rent you must charge.

If the operating expenses are high or low. If the seller is telling you the truth about the rents and expenses. How much profit you make when you sell.

How to avoid tax when you sell. You'll Know Your Financial Benefits  In It doesn't matter what type of investment property that you are looking at because all investment properties produce the same four potential financial benefits.

Here is a summary of those four potential benefits. . . The amount of money left after you pay all the expenses and any loan payments. .


You will use the rent that you collect to pay off the loan. This can be a huge benefit because  someone else is paying for YOUR real estate! . .

The government wants you to invest in real estate. To promote this they give real estate investors the benefit of depreciating the real estate investment over time. This may become a tax deduction against the profits that the real estate investment produces. It may also be deductible against other sources of income.

This is a HUGE benefit!

. . History has proven that Real Estate values tend to increase over time. The Easiest Way To  Calculate Your Profits Since all investment real estate produces the same benefits, it's important to make absolutely sure you know numbers. That why I created the The Excel Real Estate Analyzer does all the work for you.

You don't have to calculate anything or do any math. You simply input basic information into the .

. . and you're done.

The Easy Input Screen prompts you so that you know exactly what to enter. It will calculate up to four loans. It will warn you if a number doesn't look right. (Click the screen shot below of the Easy Input Screen). By changing a number in the Easy Input Screen you can see instantly what would happen if.

. . Put more or less as a down payment Change the loan term from 15 years to 20 years or 30 years Change the interest rate on the loan Lower or perhaps increase the price Appreciation rates go up or perhaps down You'll Know The Good And The Bad  With Color-Coded Results You'll know within seconds if you should if it's a good or bad investment. Every result is Color-Coded. for positive results.

. . .

and for negative result. In other words, as a buyer, if your results are green and you're happy with the numbers, it's a go, but if the results are red, it's like a flashing stop sign to warn you to look deeper into the numbers or to stop looking at that property and move on to another property.

(Click the screen shot below of Color-Coded results) 10 Year Chart Of All The Benefits You can plan for the future with the 10 year chart of the four benefits. It will show you exactly how your money will grow. (Click the screen shot below to see a ten year chart). Show Your Profit After TAXES  When Or If You Decide To Sell f you decide to sell anytime in the next 10 years, the Real Estate Analyzer will show you with Color-Coded results what your Net profit will be. It automatically calculates the taxes upon the sale and shows you if it is a good time to sell or continue to hold.

(Click screen shot below) Think About How Easy It Will Be To.

. . . .

. Make sure your have positive cash flow! Make sure your not paying too much! Make sure you're charging the correct amount of rent.

Decide if it's time to refinance.

Know if your expenses are in line. Know if you should buy or sell. Know different financing options to make more profit. Know your Cash-On-Cash rate of return. Adjust your numbers to make sure the property is still producing a profit.

The Key to becoming a great Real Estate Investor is to run the numbers on a lot of properties and analyze the numbers quickly. The Real Estate Analyzer speeds this process up and helps you find the best investments faster and easier.

You'll never again have to crunch the numbers only to find out that the property was a loser. With The Real Estate Analyzer you'll know in seconds. Show and Tell Your Results With this software you can print reports to show to your lender, your buyers, your partners, your spouse or anyone else who wants to understand the benefits of owning investment real estate.

If you have a color printer the results will be color-coded for more impact. Just Image The Amount Of Time  and Money You'll Save The hours you save using this software will pay for the cost of this software. And Now Here's The Best News. The Excel Real Estate Analyzer normally would sell for a risk-free price of $97. 00 with a that if you don't like it for any reason you get your money back.

. . . PERIOD! Well, I've decided to make you an offer that's even better.

For a limited time I decided to try a marketing test and pass the savings on to our internet customers (i. e. you) until Depending on how it affect sales, I may or may not continue this special discount after this date.

If you order  "The Excel Real Estate Analyzer" by It's yours risk-free for an incredibly low price of only $47. 00.

That's over 50% off the everyday price. Since we are talking about analyzing the numbers let's reduce it to the ridiculous. This is less than 13 cents a day and it's guaranteed to get you the results you want or you get your money back (Read my guarantee below). And to make this offer even better I'm going to (for a limited time) throw in all of these extra bonuses. You'll Know The Real Cost Of Home Ownership.


. . . Work collaboration software, in Only A Few Owning a Home is a huge financial decision and it just got easier.

By using the real cost analyzer you can now calculate the real cost of owning your own home in minutes. It automatically calculates your projected appreciation. . .


and gives you . . . . .

your real cost per month to live in that home. Click on screen shot to see large view.

Click on screen shot to see large view. Math Required - It Does It All and Gives You or Your Clients The Final Results! Click on screen shot to see large view Want To Know The Real Cost To Do That?

This Real Cost Analyzer will do that Too! Click on screen shot to see large view. Before you every buy a home you will know exactly what your cost of ownership is. The home analyzer is also a great tool to convince others (renters, spouses and friends) the benefits of homeownership and what it really cost! This is included when you order the real estate analyzer.

Know Exactly What Price To Pay. . . . In Seconds!

There are only two ways to buy. You will either pay cash or you will have some type of financing. The Investment Real Estate Pricer will tell you the price no matter how YOU decide to buy.

If interest rates change, you want to put more or less down, you want to earn a specific cash-on-cash rate of return or you just want to pay cash, the Investment Real Estate Pricer can tell you what the price should be. It has all the same feature as the Real Estate Analyzer: Prompts That Tell You What To Enter You never have to worry of you paid too much .

. . ever again and this come with the Real Estate Analyzer! A Simple Plan On How Anyone Can Make A Million Dollars Investing In Real Estate! Over the last 25 years I have been investing in real estate and I have come to the conclusion that anybody, yes anybody, can easily make a million dollars by systematically investing in real estate.

The plan is so easy that I have put it in a special report.

This report is free with the real estate analyzer. If you follow this plan, you can easily make millions. The information in this report is all that you need if your serious about investing in real estate. So let's sum it all up.

. . . You get The Excel Rental Real Estate Analyzer Software, The Excel Home Analyzer Software, The Investment Real Estate Pricer and the Free Bonus Report all for only $47.


You get all of this with a lifetime, Yes lifetime, money back guarantee (read below). My Guarantee  is simple! If you don't like it, want it, can't use it or for any other reason, no matter what, you've decided that  it's not for you. . .

. You can have your money back.

. . .

. Period! I know that if you USE IT,  you will save tons of money and time and it will be one of the best investments ever. Please note: You must have Microsoft Excel 97 or later version for the analyzer to work. Start Investing Like a Pro Right Now If you have every truly wanted to have the lifestyle of your dreams by investing in real estate and you want to make sure you know your profits up-front before you buy, then the Real Estate Analyzer is the tool that you need.

I cannot urge you enough to just order the analyzer and try it. If it's not for you you can get your money and I'll let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you for trying. 1. The fastest way to order is directly online with Paypal. The internet's number one online Secure Server.

You may use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or pay by check. Please include your primary email address where you would like the software sent. 2.

Click Here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order. Simply print this order form out and send it along with your payment.

You will be able to download the software instantly after you complete order. You'll be saving tons of time and you'll always know your profits in just a few short days. P.S. I believe real estate is one of the best investments ever if you buy it right and know the numbers. If you are sincere about investing in real estate, the real estate analyzer is one of the best tools you could ever use. Don't Delay, Take Action and Order Now while the price is low.

P.P.S. You have absolutely no risk with my 100% lifetime money back guarantee.