1 - What is a California Customer Service Number and how do I obtain one? 2 - How do I find out why my return was rejected by the IRS? 3 - What do I do if the IRS rejected my electronic return because last year's AGI did not match the IRS master file? 4 - What happens if I file electronically, and the IRS rejects my return?

5 - My return was rejected for Electronic Filing because they said my Taxpayer's or Dependent's name or social security number didn't match their records.

What do I do now? 6 - What happens if I e-file my return before the deadline, but it gets rejected by the IRS? 8 - Why is there only an option to print my return when I click on the "Review/Print/File" link?

12 - Since I don't qualify for electronic filing, why am I still charged for my return? 13 - I only want to file my federal return electronically.

How do I do this? 14 - I don't have an e-mail address.

Can I still use your service? 15 - How do I check my electronic filing status? 16 - How do I know if my return was accepted by the IRS?

17 - The IRS has accepted my return, but why haven't I heard back from my state?

Online pm tools, 18 - Will I be able to check the status of my electronic tax return? 20 - When will I receive my refund? 21 - What exactly is the Advance Refund Deposit and how do I pay the charge? 22 - Do I have to use electronic filing in order to get an Advance Refund Deposit?

23 - Can I use the Advance Refund Deposit if I am receiving an Earned Income Credit? 24 - How do I check the status of my Quick Refund? 25 - Do I have to enter all the numbers and letters for my account? 26 - What happens if I apply for your Advance Refund Deposit, and I am turned down?

28 - Is it safe for me to enter bank information on the Internet?

29 - How do I know what my RTN (routing transit number) is? 30 - I wanted an Advance Refund Deposit, but I don't see anything about it in my filing instructions. What happened?

31 - Will the fee for my Advance Refund Deposit be charged to my credit card? 32 - What happens if I leave the question referring to the minimum refund blank?

33 - When filing electronically, what forms do I mail to the IRS? 34 - How will I know when I've completed my return?

35 - I am finished entering my tax information. Am I done? Did the program just file my return?

36 - What do you mean "Self-Select PIN"?

Doesn't my return have to have a signature? 38 - Is it required to check the "Check if page is complete" box? 39 - What is the deadline for filing my 2002 individual tax return? 40 - When would I enter self employment adjustments?

41 - I have mailed or electronically filed my tax return and realize I need to correct a mistake or amend my return. What do I do now? 42 - The IRS has accepted my return, but why haven't I heard back from my state? 43 - I filed a Form 1040A or 1040EZ last, task and project management, year.

How do I find last years AGI?

44 - I filed a joint return last year. Do I have to enter prior year AGI for both the taxpayer and the spouse? 45 - If I select electronic filing on the Taxpayer Information page, can I change this if I find I owe money instead of getting a refund?

46 - I can deduct half of the self employment tax on page one of the 1040, but I can't find a place to enter it. 47 - What happens if I file after the IRS deadline?

What penalties, if any, will I owe for filing late? 48 - Will the program calculate self-employment tax on my miscellaneous income?

, workspace project management 49 - Do I need to submit Forms W-2, W-2G or Form 1099-R if I am filing electronically? , task management cloud 50 - What is the optional method of self employment adjustments? 51 - Can I select any date to have the payment deducted from my account?